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Kamis, 18 Januari 2018

Best Spa In Bali Spa At The Edge

Best Spa in Bali Spa at the Edge
Best Spa In Bali
Spa at the Edge is one of Best Spa in Bali. You can easily book and check the price in Spaongo, Autocillin. Spa at the Edge is designed to suit its surroundings and seems to slide over the blue sea, up to the horizon. With a liquid floor, space without walls, a sensory curve, light seduction and free senses. Innovative spa design can be a new breakthrough, but the spa spirit is as old as Bali itself. The spa offers a Bali spa experience inspired by the four essential elements of the daily Balinese temple offerings; sincere devotion, sacred flowers, holy water and rice that support life.

This Best Spa in Bali has a wet and dry treatment area, a private steam bay and great views of the Indian Ocean. The bathtub can also be chosen in the villa and treatments. Spa at the Edge is often awarded by Spa Asia magazine as the best innovative spa of the year. The spa built in the face of the stone leaves you with a view on the side of the cliff and you may feel as if you were floating over the ocean. The treatment provided brings all its impact from the traditional Balinese experience. To this end, the treatment offered is divided into four distinct elements that reflect the balding exposition of a temple, including sincere devotion, holy flowers, holy water, and rice.

Only a few parcels on offer include a sacred flower ritual which is 150 US dollars for 120 minutes and comes with body wash and holy scrub. There is also a steam flower wrap and treatment ends with a sacred flower massage. Other packages in Best Spa in Bali have shorter treatments such as Osnick massage for 75 minutes for $ 80, which uses hot and cold glass to stimulate pressure points throughout the body. In addition to the actual treatment there is also your steam stove available, including wet and dry areas where you can relax.
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